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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For Stoners


Quick, quick! We don’t have much time! It’s already Christmas Eve and you didn’t get any stocking stuffers for the stoner in your life?!?!?

Okay, don’t panic! I’ve got just the list for you (and before you ask, I did check it twice):

Tokyo Smoke Card

Every stoner needs a grinder! And because of this the stoner in your life likely has one. Fear not friends, for KANHA comes with news of a nug innovation! The Tokyo Smoke Card works exactly the same as a normal grinder, PLUS, it fits in your wallet. The ease of use and portable ergonomics of this weed grater makes it a wonderful addition to any stoner’s collection. Not to mention, you can grind directly onto the roll paper. 

Rolling Paper

When it comes to rolling paper, everyone is different. Natural Raw is a great cost-effective brand. Their paper is double pressed, making it thinner than most papers. For a flashier option, Shine 24k gold Rolling Paper is certain to light up any stoner’s face on Christmas morning. As this option is a bit more premium, make sure the person receiving this paper has experience rolling! Rolling papers are preferential in nature but your options are just about limitless.

Personalized Pipe

Choosing the right pipe for the stoner in your life is no different than choosing any other kind of gift; you have to know their style. For the bohemian pot smoker, I’d recommend the Marley Natural Walnut and Glass Spoon Pipe, a gorgeous wood and glass pipe that any hip pot user would love to show off. In the opposite direction, we also have the Zinc Alloy Mini Pipe from ASDFA. All function, no-frills, this pipe is simple, easy to clean, and wallet-friendly. One of my personal favorite options is The Elephant Silicone Piece by QIKAFAN. It’s incredibly cute and colorful but also has the ability to stand up on its own! 

Smoke Buddy

If you’re chronically reading KANHA blogs like I am, you might remember our mention of the Smoke Buddy in our Thanksgiving Munchies: Tactics For Secretive Stoners. After taking a hit, you simply exhale your smoke onto this handy little sploof. It’s easy to use and gives the stoner in your life more places to smoke weed inconspicuously; What a gift! 

Sugar Plum


Widely considered one of the best tasting flavors KANHA produces, Sugar Plum Nano is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s delicious, shareable, and gets you lit like a tree in 15 minutes. Is it years of peer-reviewed science or HOLIDAY MAGIC!?!? Probably both! 

The Joy of Giving

We all know that feeling of watching a loved one open up the perfect gift. As we get older, the holiday season can start to feel more about giving than getting, and KANHA is honored to be a part of your loved ones’ Joyful Journey. 

However you celebrate this season, we hope you and your loved ones stay blissful and safe. 

Have a Happy Holidays! 

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