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Our mission is to help people achieve a life of harmony and wellness with consciously made, science-based Cannabis products.

We are proudly available in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Thailand.

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The KANHA Mission

Quality Of Products

We combine the best of science and nature to create premium quality, all-natural cannabis products offered at an affordable price.

Quality Of Life

We understand the medicinal power of Cannabis and its healing capabilities, which can help you achieve a more active lifestyle and take you on a journey to wellness of body and mind.

Quality Of Community

We care about the community around us and strive to live in harmony with the world. We believe in supporting people in need and being conscientious of the impact we have on the environment.

The KANHA Story

Our founders embarked on a journey to seek greater balance in their lives that took them from the Amazon rainforest, to the jungles of West Africa, to the ancient cultures of Asia, including transformational lessons from a respected spiritual guide in India. 


This spiritual journey profoundly impacted them and taught them how people from different cultures have learned to live in harmony with the world and how plant based medicine like cannabis can lead to a life of optimal wellness. 


KANHA reflects the way we see cannabis and its role in connecting the world around us, serving as a metaphor that expresses how cannabis offers a better life and a stronger community through your own personal journey to happiness. KANHA strives to lead you on a joyful journey with delicious, reliable edibles. As a leading edible brand in the nation, KANHA delivers delectable gummies in an incredible variety of dosages, effects and flavors — so that consumers can taste the bliss at every step of their journey. 


We’re dedicated to carefully crafting our wide range of products using only all-natural ingredients and premium cannabis oil extracted from pesticide-free flower, resulting in a perfectly consistent, accurate and delicious dose every time. 

The symbolism of KANHA

The symbolism of KANHA



Represents a spiritual journey, while the crown symbolizes the highest potential in our spiritual transformation



The physical manifestation of our strength and potential



Serves as the tiger's third eye through which we view the journey that leads us to a higher state of enlightenment
Kanha Symbol_Mandala Kanha Symbol_Tiger

KANHA gives back!

KANHA cares about the community around us, and strives to live in harmony with the world. We believe in supporting people in need and being conscientious of the impact we have on the environment. Therefore, we make it a priority to partner with local non-profit organizations that align with our mission and values. We have donated and advocated for a wide variety of causes throughout the years.

In addition, as a company that benefits from the legal cannabis industry, we believe it is our duty to support those who have been negatively impacted by the criminalization of cannabis.

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