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KANHA NANO: The Best Fast-Acting Technology in Cannabis


Nanotechnology helps address many of the issues with edibles, including limited absorption, long onset times and a higher risk of overconsumption, but not all nano is created equal. Many cannabis companies sell products made with makeshift nano that most nutraceutical companies wouldn’t touch, and a lack of regulations allows them to make questionable marketing claims without peer-reviewed scientific validation. KANHA NANO, the trusted brand that introduced the first-ever cannabis nano product, is the sole exception. Published studies in a leading science journal validate KANHA NANO’s claim as the best and safest fast-acting nano product in cannabis. 

KANHA NANO: First Ever Cannabis NANO Product 

Our bodies do a poor job absorbing the cannabinoids in edibles. Why? Cannabis oil doesn’t mix well with water and requires extensive first-pass metabolism, which is why it typically takes 45 to 90 minutes to feel the effects of its cannabinoids. Much of that time is spent waiting on gut enzymes to break down the oil, and it can take even longer if the body has to metabolize other food at the same time. The body also absorbs only 20% to 30% of the cannabinoids in a traditional edible. 

Nanotechnology helped change this in the 2010s. 

Nano means small, technically “one billionth part of,” and cannabis nano refers to the process of transforming regular cannabinoids into much smaller nanoparticles that bypass the normal digestive process. This results in better absorption and faster-acting effects, but how much better and faster varies considerably based on the type of nanotech employed. 

KANHA NANO, by the trusted brand that introduced the first-ever cannabis nano product in 2015, employs a patented system called VESIsorb that’s been used for decades by global CPG companies with billions in monthly sales. Our self-emulsifying drug delivery (SEDD) system makes cannabinoids “body ready” by pre-digesting them into smaller particles, and then once you start to chew, a combination of aqueous contact and body temperature initiates the self-emulsification process. By mimicking the body’s natural digestive system, VESIsorb transforms cannabinoids and terpenes into nanoparticles one-thousandth the size of a human cell. The smaller nanoparticles can now float past gut enzymes and get absorbed directly into the bloodstream for faster and greater absorption and effects. Likewise, smaller Delta-9 THC particles can bypass the liver and avoid being converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC, a compound that contributes to the heavier, lethargic feelings that often occur with other edibles. 

By contrast, many competitors use top-down systems that more closely resemble a trash compactor. These high-pressure systems smash cannabinoids into smaller, potentially unstable pieces. While this type of nanotech is popular in cannabis, the nutraceutical industry generally views it as inferior, inconsistent and less stable. Moreover, many cannabis companies make marketing claims that lack any proper scientific validation. Without proper validation, competitor brands risk treating their consumers like lab rats. 

In an industry oversaturated with unsubstantiated marketing claims, KANHA NANO stands out as the only proven fast-acting technology. German researchers tested our delivery system in a randomized, double-blind, crossover clinical trial and published the peer-reviewed findings in the leading science journal Molecules.

Comparing our nanotech to a control group consuming cannabinoids in MCT oil, the study determined that the technology in KANHA NANO delivers substantially better results, including the following:

  • “Fast absorption” and “favorably enhanced bioavailability” 
  • 440% increase in cannabinoid absorption and 300% faster absorption speeds
  • “Significant improvement for all determined pharmacokinetic parameters”

The near-fivefold increase in absorption means consumers take in 80% to 90% of all the cannabinoids and terpenes in a KANHA NANO gummy, compared to 20% to 30% for many competitor products. 

Comparing the data to cannabinoid products in 24 other published studies with pharmacokinetic parameters, VESIsorb’s performance once again stands out. None of the other products came close to matching its speed or absorption rates. Notably, the interstudy comparison showed that our nanotech outperformed GW Pharmaceuticals’ oromucosal spray, a multi-cannabinoid sublingual that many assumed would benefit more from under-the-tongue administration and an entourage effect. 

Likewise, a study published in Pharmaceuticals analyzed the pharmacokinetics of five oral CBD preparations that all claimed water solubility. Compared to the VESIsorb data in Molecules, our nanotech outperformed all five. AUC (area under the curve) is the most reliable measure of bioavailability – i.e., the amount of cannabinoids absorbed into the bloodstream and that have an active effect – and VESIsorb’s AUC values were 17 times higher than the other formulations. These findings suggest that having some degree of water solubility doesn’t always translate into substantially better bioavailability.

A follow-up study in Molecules found equally favorable results when testing VESIsorb on terpenes, and ongoing clinical studies cover its safety and performance in a range of applications. What competitor brands don’t tell you is that they don’t have any peer-reviewed studies to back their claims. Our cannabis nano alone has scientific validation, which includes safety and stability data as well as a long history of safe and effective use. 

Consumers may or may not understand the science, but they certainly recognize a better experience. KANHA NANO offers superior absorption, faster-acting effects, shorter elimination times, improved bioavailability and a decades-long safety profile, all backed by the highest form of scientific validation. All these benefits mean better results for whatever experiences you seek, including health and wellness, casual enjoyment, improved performance, high dosage or even trying gummies for the first time. 

So, next time a cannabis company makes claims about its nano product, these are the questions they don’t want you to ask:

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