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Which SLEEP Gummy Is Right for You

Our first sleep formula, Tranquility, quickly became our bestselling gummy after its 2020 debut, but KANHA recently introduced a new formula, Sleep FX, as part of its functional line. Now with two great options, which sleep gummy is best for you? Let’s start by comparing the formulas to see which one you might prefer. 

Tranquility vs. Sleep FX 

Our award-winning Tranquility gummy features equal parts (5mg) CBN, CBD and THC as well as terpenes and essential oils that help lull you to sleep. The blue raspberry-flavored gummy covers all the bases with a comprehensive formula designed for superior entourage effects. Preliminary studies suggest that cannabinoid combos are more effective at promoting restful sleep than any single cannabinoid on its own, though CBN stands out as a particularly potent compound in sleep formulas. 

Introduced in 2024, Sleep FX is an extra-strength formula that triples the CBN (15mg) and doubles the THC (10mg) while keeping the CBD levels at 5mg. This smart gummy, formulated by doctors for hyper-targeted effects, also features goji berry extract and indica-sourced terpenes like β-caryophyllene, myrcene and α-humulene. Our fast-acting technology delivers a much faster onset of effects, and the delicious marionberry-plum formula emphasizes stress relief as you gently drift into dreams. 

So, which gummy is best for you? The choice really depends on your needs and preferences. Tranquility is a relaxing sleep gummy that does the job for most people, while Sleep FX is likely the preferred choice for chronic insomniacs and cannasseurs with higher tolerance levels. We recommend trying both formulas to see which gummy works best or having both on hand to meet your specific needs – regular or extra strength – on any particular night. 

For those who opt for the Sleep FX formula, remember, you can always take half a gummy, and the fast-acting effects will let you know how it’s working within minutes. At that time, you can decide whether or not you need the second half. 

Most Popular Sleep Aids 

A 2023 survey by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that 25 percent of American adults use cannabis to help fall asleep. Interestingly, the findings suggest that cannabis is now more popular as a sleep aid than alcohol, OTC medication, prescription sleep pills and herbal teas or supplements. There appears to be a trend among consumers to prioritize natural remedies over drug store products, but the higher usage rates may also be a sign that consumers are getting clear results from cannabis. 

If you struggle with sleep like a third of Americans, you should consider an all-natural cannabis solution. Just remember, all cannabis products are not equal. With Tranquility and Sleep FX, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting science-led formulas, precision content and ultra-clean cannabis oil that’s triple lab tested for safety and accuracy. If it’s results you want, go with KANHA because our sleep products are always better in bed. 

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