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Unleash a Higher Power with Our Live Rosin Belts 

Power is in the palm of your hands with our new Solventless Live Rosin Belts. How much power? Each belt features 25 mg of strain-specific THC and our fast-acting NANO for effects that start faster, hit harder and test your tolerance muscles. They’re so good you’ll definitely want more, which is why we doubled the number of belts – from 2 to 4 – in each package. 

You get more belts AND high dosage, but our new belt line gives you more than just higher power. Like what? Let’s start with the experience itself. 

We crafted our new Live Rosin Belts with strain-specific cannabis derived terpene profiles that provide the most true-to-strain experience. In other words, you get experiences that feel like you’re smoking real flower. It’s the closest you’ll get to an authentic smoking experience without actually lighting up. 

The belt line also offers a clean, all-natural experience by using solventless live rosin – the cleanest form of concentrate available today. While many concentrates rely on oils and solvents, our belts utilize a solventless bubble hash extraction method from freshly frozen plants, ensuring potency without the presence of any solvents. The process helps maintain the integrity of the terpenes. As a result, our belts taste complex and delicious with full-spectrum entourage effects. 

As with all KANHA products, the adventure is yours to customize and savor, and we have three options to help satisfy your personal taste. If you prefer the uplifting effects of sativa, you’ll love our punchy Cherry Limeade flavor made with Tropicana Cookies live rosin, while those seeking relaxation will enjoy the indica Ice Cream Cake strain in our Strawberry Lemonade belts. Or maybe you want that in-between experience. In that case, our Blueberry Lemon Drop flavor gives you the balanced effects of hybrid strains, GMO Cookie and Gelato, for a high dose of harmonious vibes. 

While our Solventless Live Rosin Belts cater to seasoned enthusiasts seeking high-dosage experiences, they’re designed so newcomers can ease into the journey. Each package contains four belts, and each 25mg belt features five easily separable segments. You can opt for a single 5mg segment, and its fast-acting effects will quickly let you know if you need or want more. This gives you optimal flexibility and control. 

Ready to experience a higher power? Try one of our new Solventless Live Rosin Belts today! 

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