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Introducing KANHA Minis: A Breakthrough in Chocolate Innovation

If you had the opportunity to enjoy our S’mores last summer, you got a taste of what we can do with artisan chocolate, but that was merely a preview of our game-changing new line of bite-sized hardshell Belgian chocolates with precision dosage and fast-acting, targeted effects. Introducing KANHA Minis: A Breakthrough in chocolate innovation.

innovative new minis hardshell chocolate bites

KANHA Minis launches with three delicious formulas – FLY, GROOVE and FLOAT – designed to put you in control of the vibe you want. Portable, fun and easy to share, each recyclable tube contains 25 pieces of 4mg THC and 2mg of minor cannabinoids per bite paired with terpenes and coactives for clean, targeted effects you’ll be able to feel within 15 minutes.

Reach new heights with FLY, the tastiest, quickest way to energize. The uplifting formula features cannabinoids like THCv and coactives like green tea extract to provide a creative spark and natural energy for busy professionals, content creators, artists and anyone else who might benefit from a boost in motivation and inspiration. 

GROOVE makes you want to vibe out with the balancing effects of hybrid-derived THC, terpenes and CBC, know for its mood enhancing effects. Equal parts calming and uplifting, GROOVE helps you find your rhythm in any activity, from walking to dancing. 

FLOAT comes with a relaxing THC-CBG combo that will make you feel like you’re floating on clouds. From chilling out at the pool to enjoying some rest, this indica-based chocolate bite offers a break from your day-to-day stress and responsibilities. 

These one-of-a-kind chocolates are mini sized but mighty tasty, and they come with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Portable
  • Shareable
  • Fast-acting
  • Consistent
  • Mess-free
  • NEW Recyclable Tube

KANHA Minis are revolutionary because they represent a breakthrough in edibles. Many consumers have been looking for shareable experiences on-the-go, but it’s difficult to achieve precision dosage in small chocolates. We accepted the challenge and invested in the technology to make it happen. The production requires an extensive process – 120 hours over six days to create a single batch of chocolates – but the results speak for themselves, including superior absorption for a much cleaner, faster high. 

Cannabis-infused chocolates contain fats from cocoa butter and other oils, which can help with the absorption of cannabinoids. Fats can increase the bioavailability of these compounds, even more than our nanotechnology already does, potentially making the effects of cannabis-infused chocolates felt more quickly, resulting in a clean high. The high fat content in chocolates might also prolong the effects.

Sometimes there’s a risk of uneven distribution of cannabis within the chocolate mixture, depending on the thoroughness of the mixing process during production. This might lead to slight variations in potency from one piece to another. However, you can rest assured with KANHA Minis, knowing that we have spent 120 hours over the course of 6 days perfecting and achieving the ideal dose in each of our mini bites. This allows you to consume confidently, without having to guess whether a chocolate bite will be too strong. That’s the beauty of our formulation and rigorous quality checkpoints.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at chocolate… KANHA Minis not only deliver exceptional absorption, taste and reliability, but also come in sleek, compact tube packaging. This environment-friendly design is easy to carry, fun to twist and pop, and includes a recyclable paper tube, allowing you to enjoy every bite guilt-free.

Driven by innovation and designed to be shared, KANHA Minis. 

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