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Our First Venture Into Chocolate 

S’mores, our first-ever chocolate edible, captures the timeless charm of traditional s’mores with rich velvety chocolate and fluffy marshmallows coated with crushed graham crackers. Debuting in California, this sweet symphony of flavors and textures captures the spirit of summer fun and exploration. Whether enjoyed by a campfire or as an everyday indulgence, S’mores is the ultimate treat for chocolate enthusiasts who love cannabis and outdoor adventure. 

As a trusted brand known for the best-tasting edibles, we made sure our first venture into artisan chocolate was nothing short of a sensation.

S’mores features the finest Belgian milk chocolate made with cacao beans from Ecuador, Ghana and Ivory Coast for a flavor profile that’s dynamic yet perfectly balanced. With premium oil from hybrid cannabis plants, the infused chocolate delivers hybrid effects and a range of botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes, including generous amounts of β-caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene. S’mores also features our exclusive nanotechnology for fast-acting effects. Each chocolate contains 10mg of THC, with 10 pieces per package, and as many of you know, the chocolate itself might add to the euphoric experience. 

Our first venture into chocolate corresponds with what’s likely the 100-year anniversary of s’mores. Young campers created the “graham cracker sandwich” in the early 1920s, and it became so popular that a 1938 recipe renamed it s’more, which is short for give me “some more.” By the 1950s, publications started writing about “s’mores hikes” as many viewed campfire s’mores as the highlight of any overnight outdoor adventures.  

Ultimately, that’s the spirit of adventure that we imagined for S’mores. We want you to enjoy these chocolates during your summer of exploration, and even if you prefer to enjoy them at home, we hope they recall nostalgic memories of warm campfires, friends and toasty chocolate indulgence. 

As with all KANHA products, S’mores is made with the highest quality cannabis oil, and we repeatedly test it to ensure precision dosage and absolutely zero pesticides. It’s all part of commitment to making the best and safest cannabis products to elevate the experiences you love. 

S’mores is only available for a limited time, so like a real s’more with melting chocolate, get ’em before they disappear like marshmallows in flames!

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