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Fruit Punch Fusion Arrives in California!

Get ready to indulge in the tropical paradise of Fruit Punch Fusion, one of our most sought-after new flavors, that’s ready to make waves in California. 

Bursting with an enticing blend of tropical fruit, tangy citrus and tart apple flavors, Fruit Punch Fusion is the ultimate party starter for all seasons. Each silky soft gummy delivers 10mg of hybrid-derived THC and a wide range of fragrant terpenes like α-bisabolol, α-pinene and β-caryophyllene. As part of our premium KANHA NANO line, this gummy boasts the only proven fast-acting technology, ensuring you feel the effects within minutes. 

Our friends in California have eagerly awaited the arrival of Fruit Punch Fusion, and we’re excited to say the wait is over! The summer-inspired flavor is here, and it comes with quite the historic legacy. 

Fruit punch dates back to the early 17th century when Brits stationed in India started raving about the refreshing new drink. While it’s unclear if fruit punch was a Brit or Indian creation, the Brits were likely the first to spike it with alcohol, creating what may have been the first official cocktail in history. Like our new gummy, fruit punch quickly made its way west where its popularity continued to soar. You probably know that Caribbean pirates loved their spiked punch, but we’re guessing your high school history class didn’t mention that the Founding Fathers got smashed on 76 bowls of fruit punch after signing the Declaration of Independence! So yes, you’ll want some Fruit Punch Fusion for your next July 4th BBQ as well.

It isn’t just a gummy; it’s a celebration of flavor. Whether you want to channel Rio beach vibes in the winter or turn up the bliss at your holiday parties or simply chill out with a big sunny smile, this tropical gummy delivers amazing flavor and consistent effects to elevate your California lifestyle. 

fruit punch

After a successful debut earlier this year in Nevada, Colorado and Massachusetts, Fruit Punch Fusion is excited to have Cali join the punch bowl party! 

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