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What’s More Popular: Gummies or Flower? 

Flower might be the long-time leader in retail cannabis, but gummies have narrowly nudged ahead in popularity. 

In its latest survey of consumer habits, cannabis data company BDSA found that 49 percent of consumers had a gummy in the past six months compared to 47% for flower. This is the first survey in which gummies topped flower as the most commonly consumed product category. 

cannabis flower vs edibles gummies featured CBG

Why the shift toward gummies? 

When asked about their preference for edibles, participants cited “ease of use” (36 percent) and “taste/flavor options” (34 percent) as the most common reasons. Other factors could include price and age. Though gummies led the way in terms of volume, flower sales were still four times greater in terms of money spent. The difference in revenue epitomizes the difference in price between the two product types. Likewise, older consumers seem intent on sticking with flower, but Gen Z and Millennials typically prefer edibles and vaping, marking a generational shift in product preference. 

In an interesting twist, a BDSA analyst suggested that gummy sales also got a boost by targeting specific needs, like falling asleep. CBN is often described as the “sleep cannabinoid,” and recent BDSA data found that gummies with CBN made up 14 percent of candy-edible sales in the leading U.S. markets. Compare that to 2020 when CBN gummy sales couldn’t even crack one percent.  

A recent study suggests CBD also helps with sleep issues, which is why our Tranquility Sleep gummies feature equal parts CBN, CBD and THC (5mg each) for superior entourage effects. If more restful sleep is what you need, Tranquility is the way to go, but KANHA has a wide range of gummies for whatever experience or effects you seek. 

Need help deciding? Hit up your local dispensary, and ask your favorite budtender which KANHA gummy is right for you. 

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