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Sleep Study Ties CBD to ZZZs

Cannabinol (CBN) might be known as the sleep cannabinoid, but it’s not the only cannabis compound that helps you snooze. New sleep study ties CBD to ZZZs and adds to the evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) can also play a role in helping insomniacs get a good night’s sleep. 

Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder asked a group of study participants – 64% female, 36% male, all suffering from mild or moderate anxiety – to self-report their cannabis use and sleep quality each day for a month. The reporting included the type of cannabis (flower or edible) and its THC-to-CBD ratio, and the researchers published the findings in the Behavioral Sleep Medicine journal. 

“Individuals who reported cannabis use on a particular day also reported better sleep quality the following night,” the study found. “Further, respondents who used cannabis edibles with high CBD concentration reported the highest perceived quality of sleep.”

While all types of cannabis helped, this sleep study ties CBD to ZZZs by finding that edibles high in CBD content helped the most. 

KANHA recently conducted a survey of our consumers, and our Tranquility sleep gummies definitely stood out from the pack as one of the favorites. Launched last year, Tranquility features equal parts CBN, CBD and THC (5mg per piece) and plenty of terpenes like β-caryophyllene and myrcene. Many respondents said Tranquility actually allowed them to stop taking their prescription sleep medications. 

According to Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep, more than 60 million Americans suffer from poor sleep quality. When treating insomnia, the most effective approach is always a comprehensive one that includes lifestyle changes, which can include the following:

  • Add some form of physical activity to your daily routine
  • Practice yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques 
  • Avoid consuming coffee or other caffeinated products at night
  • Limit or avoid smartphone use right before trying to sleep 

Tranquility can play a valuable role in your comprehensive sleep plan, especially during more difficult bouts of anxiety and insomnia. Next time the ZZZs feel far away, dream big with a Tranquility sleep gummy from KANHA. 

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