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Sunderstorm Wins Three WeedCon Wonderland 1st Place Buyer’s Cup Awards

We’re incredibly excited to announce our three new award-winning products that took home first place Buyer’s Cup Awards earlier this month at WeedCon Wonderland.

  1. Best Indica Gummy: Kanha Nano Vegan Blood Orange Bliss
  2. Best Hybrid Gummy: Kanha Watermelon
  3. Best Sublingual: NANO5 Lucidity Citrus

Sunderstorm was founded with the mission to help others achieve a life of harmony and wellness with consciously made, science-based cannabis products and most importantly, to produce consistent, delicious, and safe products. We’re thrilled to be recognized for our hard work and dedication for a second year in a row at WeedCon Wonderland! None of this would have been possible without our incredible team and the consumers who love and recommend our products.

About NANO5: Our nanoparticles offer the highest bioavailability delivery system in the industry, better than tinctures, capsules, or edibles. What this means is that the degree and rate cannabis is absorbed into the bloodstream is faster and more efficient with NANO5. Due to this high absorption rate, 1 mg of cannabinoids in NANO5 is equivalent to 5mg of other tinctures, making it 5x more effective. Our solution achieves perfect dispersion so that each dose contains exactly the same amount of medicine, providing a consistent experience. With NANO5, you can dose with confidence. Fast. Effective. Predictable. Trust the science of NANO5. 

About Kanha: Widely considered the best tasting gummies in the industry, Kanha premium gummies are infused with the highest quality Cannabis oils that have been tested to provide a consistent, reliable dose with every bite. Each gummy is it’s own adventure in flavor and experience.

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