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Effects Of The Edibles

Edibles are incredibly popular for good reason: Cannabis-infused food and drinks offer a convenient, smokeless alternative to enjoy the plant. As edibles continue to grow even more popular, the experiences with them often produce three common questions: 1) When will I feel the effects?  2) How long will they last?  3) How much should I […]

Restore your Body and Soul with KANHA’s new CBG Harmony

We have a special announcement that will thrill all cannabinoid connoisseurs! KANHA just introduced its new CBG “Harmony” gummies with a 2:1 ratio of CBG to THC and a full 300mg of total cannabinoids per package. This California-only release bursts with fruit-forward acai and blueberry flavors. Its generous lab-tested cannabinoid content puts “Harmony” ahead of […]

Sunderstorm Spotlights – Labor Day in the Cannabis Industry

As Labor Day Weekend comes to a close, we want to take a moment to celebrate a few members of our dedicated, diverse team. We are overwhelmingly thankful for those who show up to work every day and share in our mission to bring reliable, consistent products to the California market. The pandemic has made […]

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