Effects Of The Edibles

Edibles are incredibly popular for good reason: Cannabis-infused food and drinks offer a convenient, smokeless alternative to enjoy the plant. As edibles continue to grow even more popular, the experiences with them often produce three common questions: 1) When will I feel the effects?  2) How long will they last?  3) How much should I […]

Restore your Body and Soul with KANHA’s new CBG “Harmony”

We have a special announcement that will thrill all cannabinoid connoisseurs! KANHA just introduced its new CBG “Harmony” gummies with a 2:1 ratio of CBG to THC and a full 300mg of total cannabinoids per package. This California-only release bursts with fruit-forward acai and blueberry flavors. Its generous lab-tested cannabinoid content puts “Harmony” ahead of […]