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Set The Mood with LOVE

Get ready to indulge in romantic bliss with LOVE, the latest release from our new line of functional gummies, KANHA FX. Tailored to target the most intimate aspects of your life, LOVE brings the heat to your personal desires, from passion and pleasure to warmth and connection. 

Each LOVE gummy boasts a precision formula of THC (10mg), CBG (5mg), and THCv (5mg), meticulously crafted to amplify arousal and heighten physical sensations. We further enhance the gummies with damiana and green tea extracts as well as natural hybrid terpenes like β-caryophyllene, limonene, α-humulene and bisabolol from the Gelato Fire strain. Our proven fast-acting technology helps you feel the effects in a matter of minutes, while a sweet swirl of rose and blue raspberry flavors will tease your taste buds with love at first bite. 

What sets LOVE apart? 

It begins with a calibrated combo of cannabinoids and terpenes that support elevated experiences. While THC contributes euphoric feelings and heightened sensations, it’s the addition of rare cannabinoids – CBG and THCv – that complete the premium experience.

CBG, often referred to as the “mother cannabinoid,” is a stem-cell like precursor to other compounds like THC and CBD. A government-funded study notes the “analgesic or anti-inflammatory properties” of CBG, but it’s best known for calming effects and stress relief that may help partners feel relaxed and in the moment during romantic encounters.

Discovered at Oxford in 1970, THCv has been called the “sports car of weed” and “the most expensive cannabis compound on the market” (SFGate). This ultra-rare compound is known for its energizing effects that may help boost stamina and vitality. 

By pairing THCv and CBG, the gummy strives to provide a serene boost of energy, while THC elevates the euphoria and physical sensations. 

Eat Play Love

LOVE is not just a gummy; it’s a prized companion for a variety of romantic goals. Whether you’re a sensualist looking to enhance touch and emotion, a couple seeking a deeper connection, a flirtatious single in search of confidence, or a stressed-out lover yearning for a calming escape, LOVE caters to all. 

Whatever flame you seek, LOVE is the match to help you catch fire. 

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