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Chocolate Complements Cannabis 

chocolate and kanha

Chocolate has a remarkable way of making almost anything better. With velvety texture and decadent taste, chocolate works wonders on the palate, boosts moods and elevates everything from fruits, nuts and cheese to coffee, wine and confections. Chocolate complements cannabis.  “Chocolate is widely believed to enhance the effect of marijuana,” said a landmark study that […]

Introducing KANHA’s Spicy New Gummy: Fuego Fruit Cup

kanha spicy new gummy fuego fruit cup best tasting

KANHA’s Serving Up Something Spicy This Summer We are officially announcing Fuego Fruit Cup! A one-of-a-kind spicy and sweet cannabis-infused gummy. The many fruit cart vendors found throughout Southern California were the inspiration for KANHA’s newest flavor. These fruit carts quickly became a staple of LA and San Diego food culture.  If you’re new to […]

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