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Introducing KANHA’s Spicy New Gummy: Fuego Fruit Cup

KANHA’s Serving Up Something Spicy This Summer

We are officially announcing Fuego Fruit Cup! A one-of-a-kind spicy and sweet cannabis-infused gummy. The many fruit cart vendors found throughout Southern California were the inspiration for KANHA’s newest flavor. These fruit carts quickly became a staple of LA and San Diego food culture. 

If you’re new to SoCal, Mexcian Fruit Cups are commonly enjoyed as to-go cups of fresh summer fruits topped with lime and chili seasonings. 

While we were dreaming up California’s new hot summer gummy, we knew that Hispanic flavors needed to play an essential role. SoCal is home to a lot of KANHA staff, so getting to include flavors inspired by Tajin and Chamoy felt like the perfect step forward. After all, Mexican culture is a foundational part of the California experience and we’re so excited to see everyone’s reaction to these delicious gummies!

If You Can’t Beat The Heat… Join It!

The refreshingly sweet taste of mango, papaya, and watermelon is the first sensation you get when biting into Fuego Fruit Cup. Soon after, the potent powers of chili and lime turn up the flavor with a sweet kick of spice. As the heat sets in leaving your mouth warm and tingly, the rest of your senses are quick to follow!

Fuego Fruit Cup uses indica terpenes to produce a relaxing warm experience. With 10 milligrams of THC per piece, Fuego is a perfect addition to any summer BBQ or warm evening stroll. This spicy gummy is only here for a limited time, so you’ll want to grab a bag while it’s HOT!

Whether these flavors are a familiar comfort or a new adventure, we are so excited for you to try KANHA’s Fuego Fruit Cup! It’s the sweet treat that brings the heat!

KANHA's spicy edible, Fuego Fruit Cup, surrounded by the flavors that inspired it.
Finally, an all-natural sweet spicy sensation for all five senses!

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