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Kanha Sour Cherry Limeade Belts have FINALLY Arrived in California!

What makes Kanha Sour Cherry Limeade your ultimate THC edibles companion?

Let’s face it. You’ve seen it a hundred times over. All your favorite cannabis brands are bringing out some tasty edibles. But what makes our Kanha Sour Chery Limeade Belts different than other THC edible products?

Consumers have raged about our first launch of the belt series: Kanha Strawberry Lemonade. But his time, our new Sour Cherry Limeade is sure to take you on a journey of bliss.

Kanha Sour Cherry Limeade is here to remind you that one wild, SOUR ride is one belt away. Whether you’re going out with friends, wanting to chill pool side, or prep for a nice hike through the mountains, these new Sour Cherry Limeade Belts will take you beyond the horizon.

At a stunning 50mg per piece and made with all-natural ingredients, these belts are guaranteed to be one wild, and sour, ride. It’s time to pucker up!

Sour Cherry Limeade is for our high-dose consumer in mind, and those looking to add a flavor twist to their day! But what about our Kanha Classic lovers?

Don’t worry. We made sure that even those who are fans of our classics can enjoy Sour Cherry Limeade, too! We have segmented each belt to help monitor your dose. With a total of 5 pieces per belt, each piece is 10mg. We suggest enjoying Sour Cherry Limeade Belts with friends, before a concert, or even during a movie!

Fun Facts About Cherry Limeade:

  1. Nimbu Pani is a popular drink which originates from India and Pakistan! Want a recipe? Click here.
  2. Limes originally are fruits from Indonesia and East Asia!
  3. Cherries came to the Americas in the 1600s but date back before the Stone Age!

Find Kanha Sour Cherry Limeade Belts at your local California dispensary!

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