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Halloween Movie Staff Picks! No Tricks, Just KANHA Treats!

Get your costume ready because Halloween is upon us! 

With the start of Fall, people have a lot to be excited about; cold nights, costumes, candy, PSLs, and some of the best movies ever made! From Hocus Pocus to Hereditary, the staff here at Kanha have some strong opinions when it comes to spooky fall films. And we all know nothing goes with a vibey movie quite like a KANHA gummy!

That’s why we decided to make a definitive list of the Kanha staff’s favorite October movies and the gummies they pair best with!


“What is your favorite Halloween movie and what Kanha gummy would pair best with it?”


Andy Carr-Hall

Marketing Coordinator

KANHA NANO Sublime Key Lime Hybrid


My all-time favorite Halloween movie will always be Young Frankenstein. I’m a sucker for Mel Brooks and was actually introduced to the movie semi-recently. It’s become a yearly tradition for me and my friends. Honestly, I think the absurdity of Young Frankenstein would pair perfectly with our Hybrid Key Lime gummy. Its onset is super fast and the high has always made me susceptible to nonstop laughter. Where to Watch


Logan Feldstein

Compliance And Licensing Manager

KANHA 1:1:1 Tranquility


I’m not a big fan of scary movies for the Halloween season but I have seen a few and the one that impacted me the most was “Signs” when I was younger, seen in theatres; directed by M. Night Shyamalan, with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. Some don’t regard this movie as “Scary” but there were moments in the movie that stuck with me when I was a kid, sometimes I still think about it to this day. I would pair with our Kanha Tranquility gummies to keep me, funny enough, from getting too scared. Where to Watch


Kelsie Brouthers

Associate Brand Manager

KANHA Watermelon Hybrid Gummies


All work and no play… it’s always fun with a Kanha gummy! When Halloween comes around each year, my favorite movie to pop in the ole’ Blu-ray player is The Shining. The gummy that pairs best with the Shining is our Hybrid Watermelon Classic gummy. Too bad Johnny didn’t have any of these while he was stuck in the pantry at the hotel. Grab your tricycle and a bag of these bad boys and zoom on into tasting the bliss! Don’t take too many though, or you may find yourself stuck in the maze! Happy Halloween! Where to Watch


Jay Cho 

Digital Media Manager

KANHA Sour Cherry Limeade Belts


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an excuse to buy all discount Halloween candy a couple of days later. I think my favorite “Halloween” movie would have to be Pan’s Labyrinth, not only because of the scary element but also because of the political allegory behind the film. Best to watch Pan’s Labyrinth while lit off Kanha Sour Cherry Limeade Belts. Hot Cheetos is a good follow-up snack for when you get hungry afterward too! Where to Watch


Nicholas Mireles

Events Manager  

KANHA NANO Passionfruit Paradise


My Halloween classic is Practical Magic. The bond between the two sisters reminds me of the unbreakable ties between my own sister and me. The motif and themes are a timeless tale of witches in the modern era. Whatever movie I choose to celebrate the season, I grab a bag of Passion Fruit Paradise gummies to replace my normal bag of candy. I am able to continuously snack while creating a mellow high throughout my movie enjoyment. Where to Watch

Katie Rutecki

Marketing Brand Manager

KANHA NANO Vegan Blood Orange Bliss


My favorite Halloween movie is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I love this movie because it culminates what the Halloween spirit is all about–friends, fun, and of course, pumpkins! Kanha’s Vegan Blood Orange Bliss is the best buddy to watch this movie with. The “Blood” in Blood Orange helps set the mood, and the fast-acting effects bring the bliss before the opening credits are done rolling. Where to Watch

Parker Reinhart

Purchasing Manager

KANHA Sativa Cherry Gummies


I would choose the movie Hereditary and would pair it with any of our Sativas because that movie, like a Sativa gummy, tends to heighten my senses! Where to Watch







With all these options, you know the Kanha team’s got your back this year. So, grab your favorite gummy and get set for a wonderful Halloween this 2021!

There’s really nothing like candy and a movie 😉

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