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Gift Guide: Elevate the Holidays with KANHA

Discover holiday gifts that go beyond the ordinary with KANHA gummies. As other people wrap another round of booze bottles and gift cards, you can elevate the festive spirit with thoughtful presents that will bring joy to all the colorful characters in your life. Explore our curated recommendations below for a truly memorable celebration.

In Perfect Harmony

Celebrate togetherness with Harmony Restore, an ideal way to elevate personal connections during the holidays. Infused with acai and blueberry flavors, each Harmony Restore gummy features 10mg of THC and 20mg of CBG. This California exclusive is a perfect gift for reducing stress, anxiety and inflammation, making it an excellent choice for festive gatherings and Santa-sized hangovers.

Mama-in-Law Said Knock You Out

The average family apparently argues for more than 11 hours during the holidays, and the third most-common reason is entertaining the in-laws. If this sounds familiar, our new Marionberry Plum sleep gummies can help ease tension with a relaxing 3:2:1 ratio of CBD, CBN and THC. This can help in-laws adjust to jet lag or call it a night early, or maybe even enjoy a sleep gummy yourself and let the ZZZs start flowing. 

Game On

Enhance your gaming with a sativa-infused KANHA Classic, providing a 10mg THC boost in each flavorful bite. Choose from flavors like Watermelon, Pineapple and Cherry to sharpen focus and elevate the gaming spirit. A sativa gummy adds a fun twist to crushing opponents in RISK or dominating your cousin at Gran Turismo

The Need for Speed   

Gift the ultimate fast-acting experience with KANHA NANO. Wide-ranging options include our limited-edition S’mores chocolates (California only), but our new Fruit Punch Fusion is arguably the gummy of choice for holiday parties. Budtenders love NANO as the only proven fast-acting technology in cannabis, and it’s an ideal gift for showing what REAL fast-acting effects feel like. 

Sugar Plum Fairy

If it’s the night before Christmas and your friends have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, make their dreams come true with our limited-edition Sugarplum gummies. We elevate the classic candy flavor with 10mg of THC, fast-acting technology and indica-derived terpenes like β-caryophyllene and humulene. This enchanting flavor will help your friends savor the holiday magic.

Baking with Grandma

Grandma might’ve been a young woman during the Haight-Ashbury heyday, so she could be hipper than those snickerdoodle trays suggest. If she’s down for a stroll down memory’s lane, start her off slow with a CBD:THC combo like our 4:1 Peach gummies or 1:1 Pink Lemonade. This type of gift might inspire even better holiday cookies in 2024. 

Orion’s Belt 

For the cannabis connoisseur ready to embark on a cosmic journey, a KANHA Belt is your ticket to lift off. Each package includes two high-dose belts with 50mg of THC each, available in Sativa Sour Cherry Limeade or Indica Sour Strawberry Lemonade. Your friends don’t need to eat the whole 50mg belt all at once, but if their crew waits up for Santa, anything can happen.


This holiday season, choose the gift of KANHA, and make it a Happy KANHA Day for everyone!

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