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Gently Slip into Slumber with our New Marionberry Plum Gummy

More than a third of Americans struggle with sleep. If you’re reading this at 3 a.m. because you can’t fall asleep, you know the struggle, and our Sleep Gummy may help. 

As part of our functional product line from KANHA, Sleep Gummy features a soothing mix of CBN, CBD, THC and terpenes like myrcene, α-humulene and δ-limonene. How do these compounds help with sleep? CBN is called the “sleep cannabinoid” based on widely reported sedative effects, while studies suggest CBD and THC show promise as effective sleep aids. Taken together, these cannabinoids may trigger an entourage effect that further enhances the attributes of each. Sleep Gummy is made with Gelato Fire, a hybrid strain known for its relaxing properties. With our proven fast-acting technology, you can feel the effects in a matter of minutes. 

In 2020, we introduced our first sleep gummy, the award-winning Tranquility, which quickly became one of our bestsellers. Sleep Gummy builds on this success with a new formula designed to provide soothing stress relief as you gently slip into slumber. To achieve a softer onset of effects, we increased the CBD (15mg) and CBN (10mg) levels in each gummy, while the THC content remains at 5mg. 

Why Sleep Is So Important

Better sleep is about more than keeping your yawns and irritability in check. Beyoncé, who knows a thing or two about stress, said in a 2019 interview, “Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty… and you can’t have any of that without sleep.” 

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) echoes the same sentiment, writing, “Sleep is a critical part of your overall health. And the quality and quantity of your sleep are deeply connected to your mental and emotional well-being.”

What are the benefits of good sleep? 

According to the NSF, good sleep provides many benefits:

“During sleep, the body and mind go through various restorative processes, including repairing and rejuvenating cells, consolidating memories, processing emotions, and cleansing toxins from the brain. Good sleep can help you regulate your emotions better as well as improve cognitive skills like learning and attention.”

How to Sleep Better

Good sleep is an essential cornerstone to a life of health and wellness. If you suffer from long-term disorders related to sleep, anxiety or apnea, always seek professional medical care, but Sleep Gummy can potentially serve as a valuable resource for those dealing with acute insomnia, jet lag and other short-term issues. 

Best Bedtime Treat

Luxury hotels tend to leave a sweet on the pillow for guests to enjoy before bedtime. For all of its potential benefits for a good night’s rest, Sleep Gummy also treats your taste buds with a delicious Marionberry Plum flavor. 

Marionberries are a sweeter, juicer type of blackberry, while plums are a stone fruit commonly found in cakes, jams, tortes, puddings and pastries. Plums, one of the earliest domesticated fruits, pairs beautifully with the much younger marionberry, which started growing on northwestern vines in the 1950s. Together, our sweet Marionberry Plum Sleep Gummy offers a dessert-worthy way to finish your day. 

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