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Gift Giver’s Guide to KANHA

Taylor Swift tickets might be this year’s PS5 or Tickle Me Elmo, but great-tasting KANHA gummies are always the perfect gift to tickle the affection of the cannabis fans in your life. Full of flavor and radiant colors, mood-lifting KANHA gummies bring positive vibes that epitomize the holiday spirit. From Boston to the Bay, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate Gift Giver’s Guide that will bring a smile to all the colorful characters in your life, including yourself. 

House of Little Dragons

Packing three generations of family into a single home is bound to test your holiday stress. From navigating amped-up kids with new high-volume toys to pretending you still own a DVD player after unwrapping a box set, every adult in the house could use some Tranquility gummies for blissful sleep. These blue raspberry-flavored gummies feature equal parts (5mg each) CBN, CBD and THC for the best in holiday bliss. 

Crouching Tiger, Downward-Facing Dog

Did you know San Francisco boasts the first U.S. airport with a yoga room? The west coast leads the nation in yoga studios, and CBG Harmony is an ideal complement to a well-worn yoga mat. Specifically designed to help restore the body and soul, this California exclusive is packed with CBG, a rare cannabinoid known for reducing stress, anxiety and inflammation. Each Acai Blueberry-flavored piece contains 20mg of CBG and 10mg of THC.

Lonely Planet ≠ a Dating Site

Your fave backpacker doesn’t need another gift-wrapped thermos or outdated Lonely Planet guide, but they would love a taste of far-flung travel. Our limited-edition Exotic Series pairs hybrid strains with lush global flavors, including Asian-inspired Lychee and tropical Pink Guava.

West Coast Foodie

You know that friend who posts 20 food photos a day and rambles on about French Laundry? Sure, your gift could be unblocking them on Instagram, but stay in the holiday spirit with an Indica Fuego Fruit Cup, a culinary-forward gummy that pays tribute to SoCal’s iconic fruit vendors. Seriously, who needs an artisan fruitcake when you can enjoy a classic spicy fruit cup!

V Is for Veganetta

“Vegan” might count as a curse word in some parts of Texas, but your meat- and dairy-free friends in Cali, Nevada and Massachusetts will love the chance to savor one of the first vegan gummies on the market. For the newbie, start slow with Serene Green Apple CBD, featuring a 20:1 ratio of CBD (10mg) to THC (0.5mg), while big-time “broccoli” fans will love Luscious Lemon (10mg THC).

The Impatients 

The holidays can be over in a snap, so enjoy sweet-tasting gummies that act fast. KANHA’s award-winning NANO series features lab-tested, clinically proven technology that produces the fastest onset times. Go with a local exclusive like Tangerine Twist in California, Pleasant Plum in Nevada or the perfect holiday flavor, Cran-Pomegranate Punch, in snowy Massachusetts.

King of the (Cypress) Hill

For the cannabis connoisseur with rap star tolerance levels, you gotta go with a KANHA Belt (available in California, Nevada and Massachusetts). Each package features two high-dose belts bursting with 50mg of THC each, and you can kick it up a notch flavor-wise with Sativa Sour Cherry Limeade or Indica Sour Strawberry Lemonade. Your friend or loved one doesn’t need to eat the whole 50mg belt all at once, but he or she will appreciate the respect shown.

Work Out Those Glutes 

Our gluten-adverse friends might pass on the gingerbread cookies, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fun because all KANHA gummies are gluten-free. West Coasters enjoy a SativaPink Guava with cannabis-derived terpenes, while popular flavors like Indica Strawberry and Sativa Cherry will delight our friends in Nevada and Massachusetts.

Fantasy Island

Most of us know people who go all-in on Polynesia and the Caribbean, from Shag art prints to Trader Vic’s cocktails, and you can safely assume these island lovers dig tropical gummies. This holiday, transport them to the Florida Keys with Sublime Key Lime or to white sandy beaches with Kañha Colada, a limited-edition live resin collaboration with Buddies, both available exclusively in California, or go for a fruit-forward Sativa Pineapple in Massachusetts. 

Get Baking with Grandma

Your grandma was probably a young woman during the Haight-Ashbury heyday, so she might be hipper than those snickerdoodle cookie trays suggest. Assuming she’s a bit out of practice, ease her back in by gift-wrapping Peach gummies with 4:1 CBD:THC (California), a 1:1 Pink Lemonade (Nevada) or a 20:1 Cran-Pomegranate (Massachusetts). This type of gift can inspire even better holiday cookies in 2023. 

Whatever gift you choose, Happy KANHA Days to everyone! 

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