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Get Back on Track with RESTORE

You’ve got big plans, but your mind and body aren’t cooperating. Don’t sweat it. Instead, get yourself back on track with RESTORE, a new formula that’s now available in our Illinois market.  

RESTORE helps raise your game with a generous blend of cannabinoids and terpenes designed to heal, soothe and inspire. Each açaí-blueberry flavored gummy contains 30mg of CBG and 15mg of THC, offering significantly more CBG content than the average gummy. CBG, of course, is a trending cannabinoid that many view as a potential game changer for health and wellness. 

CBG is commonly described as the “mother cannabinoid” because it’s abundant in young plants and then gradually transforms into other cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Loaded with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, CBG helps people recover after exercise, sports and stress, and it may reduce blood pressure and physical stress. Studies also suggest it helps increase GABA levels, providing “muscle relaxation and tension relief, and induce a sense of calm in the brain and body.” 

The other part of the RESTORE formula is delta-9 THC. 

While famous for its euphoric effects, THC may also provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation, and this 2023 study suggests it helps “speed up recovery time to allow gym goers and athletes to return to their workouts at a faster rate.” High-quality studies will tell us more in the coming years, but many consumers already expressed confidence in its benefits. For example, a 2023 survey of gym/cannabis enthusiasts asked if THC helped with their post-workout recovery. 

How many said yes? 87% 

How many said no? 0%

Eighty-seven to zero? That’s a pretty big difference. 

To all our friends in Illinois, we invite you to check out RESTORE. Your journey matters, and this innovative gummy can help you on your way. You’re doing big things, and we designed RESTORE to help you do them bigger, faster and better. 

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