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Harmony CBG May Lower Blood Pressure

It appears it’s time to add blood pressure to the list of potential cannabigerol (CBG) treatments.

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Per a press release from the American Physiology Society, “Cannabigerol… is an increasingly popular treatment (as over-the-counter CBG oil) for chronic pain and inflammation. However, repeated use of cannabigerol caused a drop in the blood pressure of healthy mice.” 

Giving mice regular doses of CBG over 14 days, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine researchers collected hourly data on blood pressure, heart rate and locomotor activity. The data showed a “small, but significant drop” in blood pressure, while the other vital signs were unaffected. 

The team, which published its study last year in Frontier in Physiology, presented the findings last month at the American Physiology Summit in Long Beach, California. “Cannabigerol could… be studied as a new way to treat high blood pressure,” noted lead researcher Victoria Vernail ahead of the summit.  

CBG is the only cannabinoid known to activate alpha-2 receptors in the central nervous system. Several prescription drugs designed to lower blood pressure target these same receptors.  

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Check out this blog to learn more about the benefits of CBG.

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