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Why Testing Matters

KANHA cares about clean products. 

When we entered the cannabis market, we saw brands literally poisoning customers with dangerously high pesticides levels and flippant attitudes toward labeling and dosage. If you care about cannabis consumers and the culture, you cannot accept any of this. KANHA never has. 

From the start, we sought out the cleanest trim and oil to ensure safe products, and we’re adamant about our Zero-Pesticide Policy enforced by third-party testing. Surprisingly, state agencies allow minimal levels of pesticides even in so-called “organic” products, but KANHA exceeds state requirements by requiring nondetects (NDs) – i.e., zero pesticides detected in testing – for all its products. We measure twice and test everything four times in our unconditional commitment to accuracy and clean products. We even have the awards to prove it. 

One of the top cannabis testing labs in California held the Cannys Awards a few years back to celebrate brands that passed the highest levels of scientific testing and standards. KANHA came out on top with the award for Most Accurately Formulated Edible. 

After receiving the award, CEO and Co-Founder Cameron Clarke articulated our commitment this way: “We implement rigorous standards of homogeneity, consistent dosing, a zero pesticide policy, and a clean GMP manufacturing environment, which allows us to deliver safe and superior edibles through our KANHA brand.”

You might be thinking, testing and unclean products might’ve been an issue 10 years ago, but what about today? Sadly, many companies still neglect rigorous testing or opt for the lowest-possible compliance standards. The media is always happy to point this out. 

Business Insider recently reported that many CBD products contain less dosage than they claim, and in some cases, no CBD content at all. Another study tested 75 edible products from 47 different brands and found that only 17% contained accurate dosage. That’s what you call an F-minus in school. Ironically, another study on melatonin gummies found that one product actually contained CBD instead of melatonin, which might speak highly of CBD but not of the company’s testing practices. 

These issues are nonexistent with KANHA. Third-party testing ensures that our products contain everything we want (e.g., accurate content) and nothing that we don’t (e.g., pesticides and other contaminants). Our commitment to testing even extends to the fast-acting technology in KANHA NANO. German scientists tested the nanotech and confirmed its superior activation speeds and absorption rates in the peer-reviewed Molecules journal. KANHA became the first… and still the only… cannabis brand to back its fast-acting technology with the highest form of scientific validation. 

Why aren’t other brands doing these things? You’ll have to ask them, but you can have 100% confidence that we do all this and more for every KANHA product. We worked hard to establish our reputation as a trusted cannabis brand, and we aim to retain that trust through rigorous testing and the cleanest products available today. 

Like we always say, we won’t put anything into your body that we wouldn’t put into ours. 

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