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Why Do Yoga Enthusiasts Love Taking CBG?

A new trend developing among yoga enthusiasts emphasizes a key cannabis compound, CBG. Why do yoga enthusiasts love taking CBG compared to other cannabinoids? The answer is both physical and spiritual.

elevated yoga experience paired with award winning kanha gummies why yoga enthusiasts love cbg


Cannabis enhances certain types of exercise, at least according to this 2022 study that identified yoga and hiking as the most popular forms of elevated activities. The study participants said cannabis helped provide better focus, concentration and a deeper mind-body-spirit connection. Of course, these are also core benefits of yoga, which itself may have a cannabinoid-like effect on the ECS (endocannabinoid system). It’s no wonder cannabis and yoga are such a popular pairing. 

Early research suggests CBG (cannabigerol) could lead all cannabinoids in its breadth and diversity of therapeutic uses. Science will ultimately provide the answers, but potential CBG benefits include help with inflammation, stress, pain, sleep and even bone growth. Yoga enthusiasts naturally find these benefits attractive. 


On the spiritual side, cannabis and yoga are deeply connected in Hindu tradition. For example, Lord Shiva is the god of yoga who gifted the cannabis plant to the world. CBG, the mother cannabinoid that transforms into THC, CBD and other compounds, adds spiritual balance by channeling Shiva’s counterpart, Shakti, the female energy that runs through the cosmos. Those who embrace the spiritual side of yoga often view CBG as providing a more balanced source of energy and elevation. 

For those seeking a deeper yoga-cannabis connection, KANHA offers Harmony Restore, one of the leading CBG products available anywhere. Each gummy features 20mg of CBG, 10mg of THC and aromatic terpenes like α-humulene, β-caryophyllene and myrcene, all boosted by our exclusive NANO technology for better absorption and faster activation times. 

Do you love yoga and cannabis? Give our Harmony Restore gummies a try, and let us know what you think. We’re excited to hear about the results. 

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