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Watch: CEO Cameron Clarke on our Expansion into Thailand 

The webcast series DeepRoots recently interviewed our CEO Cameron Clarke about Sunderstorm’s global expansion into Thailand. The wide-ranging conversation includes a rare look inside the rapidly growing company and a surprise announcement about a new U.S. market. 

The interview – “Coupling International and Domestic Expansion: KANHA Sees Growth Potential in Thailand” – is now available to watch here

Clarke, who co-founded Sunderstorm as the parent company to brands like KANHA, compares the Thai market to the situation in California eight or nine years ago. Against this “wild, wild west” backdrop, he explains his rationale for expanding into new global markets and the opportunity to have a voice in building out the infrastructure. His valuable insights cover everything from brand building and expansion to partnerships and values, noting that “a brand is nothing but trust between a company and a consumer.” 

Clarke also reveals what’s on the Sunderstorm horizon. How will Thailand serve as a hub for international expansion? Which new U.S. state will enjoy KANHA gummies later this year? 
Check out the interview here to find out.

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