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Terpenes That Will Help You Sleep

Most botanical therapies for sleeplessness utilize terpenes as an active ingredient. Certain types of terpenes help more with sedation than others, and the effects may vary. We recommend these top contenders when it comes to sleep and relaxation:


Pinene is known to reduce inflammation and arthritic pain and increase calmness by acting on the body’s GABA system. This 2016 study suggests pinene helps people fall asleep quicker and increases the amount of the deep-sleep stage when the body starts to heal itself. We prominently feature this terpene in our new NANO Fruit Punch Fusion gummy. 


Myrcene is known for its ability to help reduce anxiety and muscle tension, among other sedating effects. This terpene is also present in the essential oils of ylang-ylang, an aromatic flower featured in many sleep products. You’ll find myrcene in our hybrid gummies and our signature KANHA Sleep Tranquility blend.


From the Italian word limone, this citrusy terpene is commonly found in fruit peels and is known to help with stress and anxiety by elevating your serotonin levels. Limonene features in KANHA gummies in a variety of SKUs, including our NANO Sublime Key Lime and 1:1 Pink Lemonade.


With an aromatic profile that includes cloves and rosemary, caryophyllene interacts directly with CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The terpene appears to facilitate a sense of calm and relaxation by reducing stress, anxiety and minor physical discomfort. All KANHA gummies include caryophyllene in their terpene profiles. 


Boasting a mix of pine and floral notes, terpinolene produced sedative effects on mice in this 2013 study. Another research from 2011 suggested it could contribute to longer sleep and a reduction in caffeine-induced excitation. However, some describe it as having energizing effects, so your best bet is to see how terpinolene affects you personally. 

Linalool and Bisabolol

Linalool, commonly found in lavender, may reduce anxiety and increase a neurotransmitter (adenosine) believed to help with sleep and sedation. Likewise, bisabolol, a prominent terpene in chamomile, appears to help reduce insomnia. These terpenes are both found in cannabis and various sleep aids, from aromatherapies to soothing teas.  

For more information about terpenes, check out our blog post on some of the top terpenes in KANHA gummies. 

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