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Anthony Ausgang Creates Art Inspired by KANHA

Anthony Ausgang, a pioneer of the lowbrow art movement, has featured his work in galleries, magazines, album covers (MGMT’s Congratulations) and even on Green Day’s Revolution Radio tour plane and merch. When the English author Coleridge used opium as an inspiration for his famous poem “Kubla Khan“, he joined a long tradition of artists, writers and […]

Restore your Body and Soul with KANHA’s new CBG Harmony

We have a special announcement that will thrill all cannabinoid connoisseurs! KANHA just introduced its new CBG “Harmony” gummies with a 2:1 ratio of CBG to THC and a full 300mg of total cannabinoids per package. This California-only release bursts with fruit-forward acai and blueberry flavors. Its generous lab-tested cannabinoid content puts “Harmony” ahead of […]

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