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Restore your Body and Soul with KANHA’s new CBG Harmony

We have a special announcement that will thrill all cannabinoid connoisseurs! KANHA just introduced its new CBG “Harmony” gummies with a 2:1 ratio of CBG to THC and a full 300mg of total cannabinoids per package. This California-only release bursts with fruit-forward acai and blueberry flavors. Its generous lab-tested cannabinoid content puts “Harmony” ahead of the pack as the top-tier CBG gummy on the west coast. 

For those still learning about this exceptional cannabinoid, let us explain why it’s so special. CBG (cannabigerol) is often called the “mother cannabinoid” and the stem cell equivalent in cannabis because it serves as the botanical source for THC, CBD and other key cannabinoids. Young plants contain an abundance of CBG in its acidic state, and as the plants mature, CBG transforms into the acidic states of other compounds. By the time a plant fully matures, most of its CBG content has already transformed, making it a rare cannabinoid. That’s the reason most other CBG products are made only with hemp.  

Cannabis-based “Harmony” stands out as a premium product that features both THC and CBG – 10mg and 20mg, respectively, per gummy – and our exclusive NANO technology means increased absorption and faster onset, as soon as 15 minutes. CBG possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. By pairing these qualities with top-of-the-line THC, “Harmony” offers a blissful experience that helps restore the body and soul. 

KANHA’s CBG “Harmony” is available now at licensed retailers across California

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