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Summer Flavors for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and get ready to celebrate with KANHA gummies that burst with the biggest, brightest summer fruit flavors. No matter how you want to kickstart your summer, stock up on these summer flavors for Memorial Day weekend. 

Watermelon Party

The quintessential summer fruit is watermelon, and we’ve got you covered with two refreshing faves. For a classic Memorial Day party, go big with our Watermelon Hybrid gummy, featuring 10mg of THC and aromatic terpenes like myrcene, β-caryophyllene and limonene. For those who prefer an outdoor adventure like surfing, skating or trekking, our 20:1 Watermelon CBD gummy provides 10mg of CBD and just a touch of THC for smooth yet focused rides. Peak season for watermelon starts now. 

Get Peachy 

You don’t have to live in the Peach State to enjoy this juicy stone fruit, whose peak season started last month in California. With all-natural ingredients and real-fruit flavors, our Peach Hybrid captures the delicate floral sweetness in a summertime gummy packed with 10mg of THC and flavorful terpenes like limonene, α-humulene and bisabolol. For those who prefer to take it down a notch, go for our 4:1 Peach CBD gummy with 10mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC per piece. 

Blue Raspberry Lagoon

Berries reach peak deliciousness in the warmer months, and the iconic summer berry flavor is arguably blue raspberry. While bluish-purple raspberries do exist, our Blue Raspberry Hybrid is a nod to the amusement parks and boardwalks that popularized the flavor in the 1950s in snow cones and cotton candy. With a mix of refreshingly raspberry sweetness and a fun colorful flair, each nostalgia-filled gummy features 10mg of THC and terpenes like limonene and α-humulene. 

Cherry on Top 

Peak season for cherries starts now in most of the country, but it starts early in California right around April 20. That alone should give this stone fruit flavor added props for a Memorial Day 420 redux. KANHA’s classic Cherry Sativa bursts with juicy energy and tart goodness paired with aromatic notes of pinene and limonene and 10mg of THC per piece. 

When Life Gives You Lemons…

… make pink lemonade. Summer BBQs call for pitchers of ice-cold pink lemonade, and we’ve got you covered with two pink lemonade flavors to fit your Memorial Day mood. For those who want a relaxed weekend, Pink Lemonade Indica will keep you feeling cool with 10mg of THC, while those who want to keep the party going will love our balanced 1:1 Pink Lemonade CBD with 5mg each of THC and CBD. 

Mix & Match 

How about a summer fruit salad? We know some KANHA consumers cut our gummies into quarters or halves to create their own summer flavors. Maybe add a quarter Sublime Key Lime to a Watermelon Sativa or pair a half Pineapple Sativa with a half Strawberry Indica or mix several flavors together to channel a summer salad or cocktail. Whatever your preference, make sure to keep track of the dosage and always consume, share and store responsibly.

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