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New Cannabis Ventures Interview with Co-Founder and President Keith Cich

Sunderstorm’s Co-Founder and President Keith Cich was recently interviewed by Carrie Pallardy from New Cannabis Ventures to discuss Sunderstorm’s California market presence, success with accurate dosing, approach to manufacturing, and revenue growth.

Read some highlights below and see the full interview here.

On the Sunderstorm team, “Sunderstorm has approximately 110 employees spread out over its multiple teams. The majority of employees work in manufacturing, but the company also has a sales team, brand ambassadors, drivers, and warehouse workers. The company continues to grow–it has 13 job openings right now, according to Cich.”

On Sunderstorm’s market presence, “The company does all of its own distribution. Its brand ambassador team does hundreds of in-store demos each month, and the company has its own fulfillment team. Sunderstorm products are in more than 350 different retail locations, covering about 40 percent of active stores in the state, according to Cich. The company’s footprint reaches across both northern and southern California.”

On manufacturing, “When Sunderstorm began, its founders set out to solve the issue of accurate dosing in cannabis edibles. Edibles have shifted away from baked goods, and gummies have emerged as the most popular form factor, according to Cich.”

On growth, “In 2018, Sunderstorm did about $5 million in sales. This year, revenue has almost tripled to $14 million. As the company looks to expand beyond California and focuses on its diversified product offerings, it could reach $25 million in revenue next year, according to Cich.”

“The Sunderstorm team is focused on executing every single day. Cich sees too many companies in the California market, and the crowd will begin to thin out as competition eliminates companies all along the supply chain.”

About Sunderstorm: A Sunderstorm is when the sun shines through the rain clouds. Sunderstorm helps people achieve a life of harmony and wellness with consciously crafted, science-based cannabis products. All of our Kanha edibles, Wind Vapes, and NANO5 sublinguals are manufactured in-house with premium quality standards. We proudly honor a Zero Pesticide Policy, and utilize all-natural ingredients across each line. Step into the light of wellness with Sunderstorm.

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