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KANHA To Launch In Thailand Via Partnership With THCG Group LTD

KANHA is coming to Thailand! We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking global licensing partnership that will be bringing KANHA’s fast-acting, award-winning gummies to Thailand. Through our new partnership with THCG Group LTD, KANHA will soon be available throughout the country, with further international expansion to come through their licenses for export.

Earlier this year, Thailand decriminalized cannabis, and our friends at THCG Group LTD have the first class facilities and manufacturing capabilities that will ensure KANHA’s quality will be consistently replicated in global markets.

Cameron Clarke, CEO of Sunderstorm (KANHA’s parent company), stated: “Through our attention to quality and the only science-backed fast-acting edibles on the market, Kanha has become a leading edibles brand in North America. The global demand for fast-acting and highly bioavailable cannabis products has increased dramatically. To address this need, we are embarking on our international expansion plan with the launch of our products in Thailand. In addition, with THCG’s first-class facilities and licenses for export, we are no longer limited by U.S. export restrictions and have the opportunity to become a dominant global cannabis brand, where we can improve the lives of millions of worldwide consumers with Kanha products powered by VESIsorb”

Read more about this exciting news on Benzinga!

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