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KANHA Ginger Pear Launches in Colorado!

Have No Fear, Ginger Pear is Here


Amazing news! This week, KANHA successfully launched Ginger Pear all throughout the state of Colorado. This refreshing new flavor is now stocked on dispensary shelves from Durango to Fort Collins

With 10mg of THC in our special hybrid strain, you get the best of both worlds! Take Ginger Pear on the trails or stay in for a relaxing movie night. This is a super versatile gummy for any activity.

Ginger Pear happens to fall into KANHA’s incredible NANO line. This means that you’ll feel its effects as fast as 5-15 minutes! A quicker onset is certainly fun, but the increase of control and consistent dosing make this product perfect for those who are trying cannabis for the first time.

KANHA believes that cannabis is for everyone; that’s why we decided to add yet another flavor to our ever-growing line of vegan gummies. Most gummy candy around the globe uses bovine hoof for its gelatin, but our vegan line is completely free of any animal products. With a zero parts per billion pesticides policy, you know KANHA is the most natural cannabis gummy on the market!


Fun Fact: Ginger root and Cannabis have separately been used to treat nausea throughout history! Just imagine their powers combined.

Kanha Vegan Nano Ginger Pear
Delicious, refreshing, and totally cruelty-free!

Considered one of our best-tasting gummies, Ginger Pear is equal parts sweet and refreshing. The cannabis taste in fast-acting edibles can be hard to hide, but our expert cooks in the KANHA labs really cracked the code with this new delicious flavor! It’s fair to say you might want more than one ????


Happy munching!



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