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Introducing CBN to Our Family of Cannabis Products

If you’ve been having difficulty falling and staying asleep lately, you’re not alone. Many of us are lacking a regular routine these days which can easily disrupt sleep cycles. We’re here to remind you that laying in bed awake at night for hours on end doesn’t have to be your new reality. That’s where CBN comes in! We’re thrilled to announce this newest cannabinoid addition to our family of products.

Chemically similar to CBD, CBN induces several of the same effects in the body including pain and inflammation relief. It is most notably known for its sedative properties and inducing a restful night’s sleep. When the cannabinoids CBN, CBD, and THC are present together, they become one of the most effective, natural sleep aids on the market. That’s why we’ve introduced this new combination to our best-selling Kanha and NANO5 Tranquility ratios, to help you achieve that deep, uninterrupted sleep you need to thrive.

Each Kanha Tranquility gummy is now infused with 5mg of CBN, 5mg of CBD, 5mg THC, and 1mg of Melatonin, plus a blend of soothing terpenes and essential oils. This new formula contains more CBN in one bag than any other gummy in the industry! 

Our NANO5 Tranquility echoes the same 1:1:1 ratio as our gummies, but also adds a double dose of 5HTP. If that’s not enough, this new formula is capped off with its own serving of melatonin, relaxing terpenes, and calming essential oils to help soothe both the body and mind. With the fastest onset in the industry at just 5 minutes, getting a good night’s sleep is well within reach.

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