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How KANHA Brought Nanotech to Cannabis

“Why can’t we write the entire 24 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica on the head of a pin?” 

American physicist Richard Feynman asked this very question at Caltech in 1959, arguing that we could in a famous lecture that helped launch the modern nanotech movement. Half a century and several Nobel Prize winners later, the nanotech revolution is in full swing across several fields, from chemistry, physics and biology to engineering, electronics and medicine. 

Twenty years after the U.S. approved the first nano-based medication (Doxil), KANHA introduced the original nano-enhanced cannabis product in 2015. What was it? We launched the NANO5 line with the industry’s first fast-acting CBD product. From there, the NANO5 line grew with new products, including THC sublinguals, cannabinoid combos and even custom products scientifically tailored to match your unique DNA. 

As part of this historic breakthrough, KANHA helped educate consumers, budtenders and dispensary owners on the potential of nanotechnology in cannabis, opening the door for other brands to follow our lead. We then added a wide range of fast-acting edibles with KANHA NANO gummies and adopted new cutting-edge nanotech backed by peer-reviewed published science and decades of use by some of the world’s largest multinationals. 

KANHA brought nanotech to cannabis, but what exactly does that mean for the consumer? 

In the world of medicine and nutraceuticals, nanotech turns regular compounds into much smaller nanoparticles that bypass the normal digestive process. In the case of traditional edibles, our bodies do a poor job absorbing the cannabinoids and terpenes – taking in only 20% to 30% of the compounds – and often requiring 45 to 90 minutes for consumers to feel their effects. When applied to edibles, nanotech can deliver much better absorption and faster-acting effects.

Consider the nanotech featured in KANHA NANO. Independent researchers tested our fast-acting technology and published the peer-reviewed findings in the science journal Molecules. The data showed 300% faster absorption speeds and a 440% increase in cannabinoid absorption. In practical terms, this means consumers can absorb 80% to 90% of the cannabinoids and terpenes and feel their effects in a matter of minutes. These findings are exclusive to KANHA NANO, however, as other brands often use makeshift nanotechnology without peer-reviewed scientific validation or consistent results. 

KANHA led the industry into the nano age, and we continue to lead with the only proven fast-acting technology in cannabis. Consumers may or may not understand the science, but they certainly recognize a better experience. From absorbing more cannabinoids and terpenes to faster activation and elimination times, KANHA NANO gives consumers more control to build the experiences they want. 

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