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Get More Done with ENERGY

Which cannabis is best for energy? The answer is ENERGY, the doctor-formulated gummy from our new line of functional products, KANHA FX. 

Crafted to supercharge your performance, ENERGY is your go-to source to fuel your day with a 1:1 mix of THC and THCv (10mg each per gummy) as well as green tea extract. Enhanced with natural sativa terpenes like pinene, α-humulene and limonene from the Trainwreck strain, these gummies burst with zesty citrus and ripe berry freshness, and our proven NANO technology cuts the wait time with fast-acting effects and unparalleled cannabinoid absorption.

Driving your energy boost is the power of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv), the priciest of cannabinoids, known for such perceived benefits as increased energy, improved focus and decreased appetite. At lower doses, THCv is similar to CBD in that it can help moderate the effects of THC, allowing consumers to enjoy and scale as they see fit. THCv, which is also a neuroprotectant, goes by affectionate nicknames like weederall, diet weed, and the sports car of weed.

Researchers only recently started to unlock the immense potential of THCv, but the benefits of green tea date back millennia with a history rooted in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine. Green tea not only boosts your energy levels, it also fortifies your immune system and may offer protection from various diseases. This “significant antioxidant” is also rich in its own terpenes and polyphenols. 

ENERGY introduces a groundbreaking new category of cannabinoid gummies designed for targeted effects. This formula, like all the products in the KANHA FX line, comes from doctors putting in the work to test for the best-possible cannabinoid combinations. With science leading the way, it provides the perfect boost for those seeking to maximize their productivity. 

Elevate your experience with ENERGY and embrace new levels of vitality!

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