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Anthony Ausgang Creates Art Inspired by KANHA

Anthony Ausgang, a pioneer of the lowbrow art movement, has featured his work in galleries, magazines, album covers (MGMT’s Congratulations) and even on Green Day’s Revolution Radio tour plane and merch. When the English author Coleridge used opium as an inspiration for his famous poem “Kubla Khan“, he joined a long tradition of artists, writers and […]

What’s More Popular: Gummies or Flower? 

Flower might be the long-time leader in retail cannabis, but gummies have narrowly nudged ahead in popularity.  In its latest survey of consumer habits, cannabis data company BDSA found that 49 percent of consumers had a gummy in the past six months compared to 47% for flower. This is the first survey in which gummies […]

Beware of “KANHA” Imposters! 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but fraud is just plain lame.  Last week, we came across two websites that claimed to be us and offered nationwide shipping. We already got the imposter sites shut down, but this is a good opportunity to remind everyone that our only official websites are and the […]

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