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5 KANHA Gummies to Elevate your Halloween Hijinks

Bad Bunny as Shrek might be the hot Halloween costume this year, but the best accessory is a KANHA gummy to inspire your style and lift your mood. What’s the best gummy for your big night out? Here are five options that are readymade for Halloween hijinks. 

Sublime Key Lime 

The party crowd in South Florida knows that Halloween has no equal like Fantasy Fest in Key West. Started in 1979, the annual fest has grown into a 10-day bash on the last stop along the Florida Keys. If you can’t make it to this year’s Uniforms & Unicorns-themed party, channel the Keys with its namesake citrus, key lime, through our Sublime Key Lime gummies. With refreshing sweet and tart flavors, Sublime Key Lime features 5mg of THC and our fast-acting Nano technology. 

Fantasy Fest in Key West

Indica Pink Lemonade

In 1857, a disgruntled clown quit the circus in the scorching Texas plains and started selling lemonade, but one day the well ran dry. In a panic with no other water in sight, the ex-clown used the dirty tub water of a circus performer who just cleaned her red tights. The result? The first-ever “pink” lemonade. So if you’re looking to pair a gummy with your Pennywise or Joker, the go-to pick is our tangy Indica Pink Lemonade. Like all KANHA gummies, our pink lemonade is 100% free of solvents, pesticides and dirty clown water. 

The Joker and Pennywise with some clowns

Sour Cherry Limeade 

From Batman’s utility belt to Hannibal Lecter’s straightjacket, belts are essential accessories for many costumes, so why not double down with our Sour Cherry Limeade sativa belts. If superheroes and serial killers aren’t your thing, many other characters rock famous belts, from Princess Leia‘s sash to Daenerys Targaryen‘s golden belt to Daki’s cloth wraps in Demon Slayer, so let your imagination run wild. Each sweet & sour gummy features 50mg of THC divided into convenient 10mg segments. 

Hannibal Lecter

Blood Orange Bliss 

Lady Gaga and Kourtney Kardashian offer two examples of Halloween costumes with a big splash of red. If you want blood, you got it with our vegan Blood Orange Bliss. Let your friends buy their vampire juice by the bottle at Walmart, but you can get blissfully “bloody” with 10mg of indica-derived THC and the raspberry-tinged flavor of Mediterranean blood oranges. 

Vampire from True Blood

CBG Harmony Restore

Not everyone’s a demon slayer, island hopper or clown channeler, so if you’re taking a more spiritual path to the pagan pageantry, enjoy the positive vibes of our CBG Harmony Restore. Each fast-acting gummy features blueberry and açaí flavors paired with a healthy dose of CBG (20mg) and THC (10mg). If nothing else, Harmony Restore is the ideal Halloween treat if you’re still recovering from your Devil’s Night and weekend parties. 


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