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Sunderstorm: One of 15 Buzziest Cannabis Startups to Bet on in 2020

“Sunderstorm is one of if not the top gummy company in California. Their Kanha gummy brand is a huge mover in the state. What is most impressive about them is their focus on execution, quality, and operational excellence” — Matt Hawkins, managing partner at Entourage Effect Capital

We’re thrilled to announce that Sunderstorm was featured in Business Insider’s 15 Buzziest Cannabis Startups to Bet on in 2020, According to Top Investors. In order to put together this list, Business Insider interviewed 15 cannabis-focused venture and private equity funds and asked which companies they were most excited about this year, whether they’ve invested or not. Sunderstorm was included as an favorite among investors and a startup expected to grow rapidly in 2020 and beyond!

“Sunderstorm is successful because it delivers the highest quality product – from taste and ingredients to consistency and manufacturing processes,” said Jon Trauben of Altitude Investment Management. “Sunderstorm has a best-in-class management team with a singular focus on producing a quality product high the highest levels of efficacy.”

About Sunderstorm: A Sunderstorm is when the sun shines through the rain clouds. Sunderstorm helps people achieve a life of harmony and wellness with consciously crafted, science-based cannabis products. All of our Kanha edibles, Wind Vapes, and NANO5 sublinguals are manufactured in-house with premium quality standards. We proudly honor a Zero Pesticide Policy, and utilize all-natural ingredients across each line. Step into the light of wellness with Sunderstorm.

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