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The same experience from gummy to gummy, package to package

Learn more about how we make all our products in-house based on exacting standards.

Great-tasting gummies for a great experience

We have optimized our manufacturing process to be highly efficient, which allows us to offer our gummies at a fair price to consumers. In addition, we have our own sales team and manage the distribution of our products to retailers in California, which adds to our operational efficiencies.

And finally, you can’t talk about KANHA without talking about flavor and texture. Having great-tasting gummies that leave you with a smile and great experience is what we’re all about.

It all starts with quality ingredients

We only use all-natural ingredients, including coloring and flavoring. We are also selective about the cannabis oil we use due to our Zero Pesticide Policy, meaning we test all oil before we use it to ensure it has 0 ppb of pesticides.

What makes KANHA NANO gummies so fast acting?

While standard edible products only offer partrial cannabinoid uptake, our patented technology dramatically optimizes absorption for a faster and more pleasureable experience. This plant-based technology is the only edible nano-molecular technology that is proven in a clinical peer reviwed scientific study and is officially considered by the Food and Drug Administration to be Generally Recognizing As Safe (GRAS).

Poor cannabinoid absorption and slow uptake are the main weaknesses of typical cannabis edibles. KANHA NANO overcome these weaknesses by mimicking your body’s natural digestive process. This allows for the most rapid and complete cannabinoid absorption on the market, by a wide margin, resulting in a safer and more consistent experience.

The science is clear. KANHA NANO is the safe and reliable fast-acting product for your customers.

Award winning quality & consistency

In 2021, our 1:1:1 CBN Tranquility gummies proudly secured second place in the edible category at the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup Northern California: People’s Choice Edition. The Limited Time Only Indica Sugarplum gummies grabbed a respectable third place at the 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup Southern California: People’s Choice Edition. Not to be forgotten, our Hybrid Peach gummies were honored with the Most Accurately Formulated Edible title at the first CannaSafe awards party, the Cannys, in 2018. Dive into the deliciousness – where every chew is a little victory, and each award is a nod to our gummies’ delightful charm!

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