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The Perfect Cannabis Gifts for Mother’s Day. Love you Mom!

Moms love cannabis too! For most of us, the days of hiding your stash from mom are long gone. With a booming legal, recreational market that caters to more than just the stereotypical stoner, more people than ever before are becoming open about their consumption habits. This year, why not inspire your mom to try something new? Whether she needs help with sleep, pain-management, anxiety and stress, or, if she just wants to have fun, we have her covered! There’s never been a better time than now for the canna-curious to explore the many offerings available and our consistent, science-backed products are the perfect place to start. Here are some of our best-selling options that mom is sure to love:

Kanha CBD Watermelon
Say “I love you” with these 20:1 CBD Watermelon gummies. Used for inducing relaxation and pain-relief with little to no psychoactive effects, these delicious gummies will make her day extra special.


Kanha Nano Cran-Pomegranate Punch
For the canna-curious mom, our microdosable Kanha Nano Cran-Pomegranate Punch gummies are a great first step. At just 5mg each, these fast-acting gummies will provide the right amount of fun and relaxation to kickstart her special day.


NANO5 Sunrise 25:1 CBD-THC
Start mom’s morning off right with a delicious CBD-THC mocktail that kicks in in just five minutes! Sunrise is a calming and healing ratio for those seeking high CBD while simultaneously reducing inflammation and pain. It’s water soluble and will dissolve into any liquid, making it ideal for morning mimosas and breakfast in bed.


NANO5 Tranquility 1:1:1:2 CBD-THC-CBN-5HTP
For moms that may have difficulty falling or staying asleep, Tranquility is the right choice! Give her the restful night she deserves with this bedtime formula that will calm both her mind and body. In addition to the balanced blend of CBD, THC, CBN, and 5HTP, Tranquility is also infused with melatonin (1mg/ml). With an onset of just five minutes, getting a good night’s sleep is well within reach.

Wind 20:1 CBD:THC Sweet Lavender
Not all vapes are created equal! Gift your mom one of our ultra-clean, triple-filtered CBD forward vapes and let relaxation ensue. Sweet Lavender includes notes of cotton candy, toasted coconut, and berries and cream making it a delicious decadent treat.

Don’t wait too long! Visit our “Where to Buy” page to shop licensed dispensaries and delivery services just in time for Mother’s Day.

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