Exploring Cannabinoids in the Future of Medicine

By Cameron Clarke Only five years have passed since the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) definitively recognized “Marijuana as Medicine” on its website. Most Americans already knew it was, but this admission marked a pivotal turning point for what was once an avidly anti-cannabis agency. NIDA has funded numerous clinical studies into medical cannabis […]

Restful Sleep Has Landed on The Shores of Massachusetts!

Hear ye, hear ye! KANHA comes bearing good tidings amidst this blistery and brumal February: Now the good folks of MA can enjoy KANHA’s award-winning sleepytime gummy, Tranquility, and brand new 20:1 Cran-Pomegranate! This is a huge deal for us because it means that your favorite Tranquility gummy is available in all states where KANHA […]