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A Message from Sunderstorm

At Sunderstorm, our #1 priority is to provide the safest, most reliable products to our community. We know that many of you rely on Sunderstorm products to manage stress, help with sleep, reduce pain, and to enjoy life.

We always use the utmost care in ensuring that we meet all food safety requirements by wearing PPE such as gloves, masks, hair nets, lab coats and work boots. We have incorporated additional precautions to help further ensure the safety of our products. Some include:

• Work stations in production room are sanitized every two hours
• Employees must stay home if they or someone in their household is ill
• Staff is consistently educated with preventive measures and supplied with antibacterial/antiviral cleaners for both their hands and workspaces
• Administrative employees are working remotely
• Production shifts are now staggered to decrease population density
• No outside visitors
• We have installed more hand washing stations throughout the facility
• We are in the process of canceling all PADs for the rest of the month to practice social distancing and put our employee’s safety first

For those of you who rely on Sunderstorm for everyday support, health, and wellbeing, we have a surplus of products available, so don’t worry about shortages any time soon. Visit our “Where to Buy” page to find licensed dispensaries and delivery services that carry our products.

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